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Alderley Street Tree 224Tree Removal

Tree removal should be executed by an experienced Arborist. TreeBiz Tree Services only employs professional qualified arborists for tree removal who can work at height, in confined spaces, near power lines, over houses and near roads. TreeBiz Tree Services will accomplish tree removal in a safe and skilled manner, making sure not to damage surrounding property.

When an assessment is made for tree removal over a house or electrical wires, TreeBiz Tree Service has advanced tree removal techniques to first prioritise safety for the Arborist as well as ensuring tree removal is safe without damage to surrounding property or electrical wires.

Things you should have worked out with the Arborist before the job has started (at quotation) include;

  • Whether the tree is being removed to ground level, or if a stump removal (stump grinding) service is required. Generally Arborist quotes default to a ground level service.
  • Is the timber going to be left behind as fire wood? Or disposed of?
  • Are branches going to be left behind as mulch and woodchip? or disposed of?
  • Do you as the customer have any special requirements or expectations?

At the completion of every job TreeBiz Tree Services will ensure the jobsite is left clean and tidy.

The Arbor Process

There are 3 main steps to every successful Arbor job.

1. Identify any trees, palms, branches, stumps that require removal and/or pruning and record their details. Are there any services that can't be seen examples water/sewage pipes, phone line.

2. Contact a professional and experienced Arborist tree service. You should perform some due diligence on the company before you use them. Check that they have Arboriculture certificates and are adequately trained. Check they have the correct insurance and use a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). When you contact an arborist they should want to know the species, if it is alive or dead, your location and contact details, the tree's height, if you have council approval, and any issues that might make the job more difficult (e.g. working in confined spaces, near power lines, etc).

3. Once qualified Arborist has come, assessed the working conditions, prepared a quote, and you have now accepted it, the next step is for the Arborist to complete the tree work. The Arborist should now come at an agreed scheduled time, perform a hazard assessment and implement the removal strategy that was developed at the time of quotation.

This could be removing the tree piece by piece, or felling the whole tree in one turn. A climber or cherry picker might be used. A professional should have a range of options suitable for any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all trees require a permit to remove?

No. A Permit is required: Where a property is Heritage Listed it is possible that the vegetation may be protected for historical purposes. DERM would be involved in this case. A permit may be provided for the pruning or removal of the tree. 

Council will assess the circumstance and depending on the evaluation a permit may be provided. Council does not conduct pruning or tree removal.For properties that are a hectare or above and in the old Toowoomba City Council area, the landowner will need council approval to remove any trees, in accordance with contact council and request a permit.

The site will be inspected and background gathered to support the request. The Applicant will be advised in writing of the decision. There are no application costs at this time.

A Permit is not required:Where a property is not Heritage Listed and the property is under 1 hectare (10 000m2) and in the old Toowoomba City Council area, the landowner is entitled to remove any trees on their property.

How much will tree service cost?

It really depends on the type and size of tree, the service, and any special working conditions or if special machinery such as a cherry picker is required. Contact TreeBiz for a free quote Can I prune my neighbour's tree? Yes! You can prune your neighbour’s tree back to the fence line without their permission. You can’t trespass on their property and this will be at your expense!

tree-felling-ToowoombaTree Felling

If there is a large space on one side of a tree, and no obstacles, then clear felling a tree from the ground is always another option and is generally the fastest method of removing a tree. At TreeBiz Tree Services s we use a variety of rigging techniques to make trees fall in directions they may not be leaning but it requires a high level of skill and experience to ensure this is always done safely.

Dangerous Tree RemovalSteve's S3 2013 094

TreeBiz Tree Services are specialists in dangerous tree removal. Our Arborist's will assess the health of the tree as well as its surrounding area and from this we will arrange a plan to have the tree removed safely. In our photo gallery you will be able of view some of our techniques we employ while undertaking this task.

Steve's Nokia 2012 064Large Tree Removal

No tree is too large for TreeBiz Tree Services with our 25 years experience and qualified Climbing Arborists. We are the experts in removing large trees, over gardens, paths, buildings and out of confined spaces or in any situation. You can be sure TreeBiz Tree Services are the best choice for competitive prices and professionalism.