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Alderley Street Tree 224Wood Chipping/Mulching

TreeBiz has a range of wood chipping machines on hand to reduce your tree into wood chips.

No job is too big or too small, our experienced team are dedicated to making sure you get the best results!  Tree Biz has a range of state of the art 18″ wood chippers in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley that are well maintained to give you the highest quality forest mulch. We bring the right equipment to your door so we can process most tree vegetation with 18″ wood chippers.

Whether it’s an emergency tree removal, a general tree removal, pruning and mulching or if you simply want to improve your landscape, our state of the art chippers produce brilliant results.  When processing the tree, the mulch is chipped directly into our mulch trucks to keep things neat and tidy. Once the tree has been processed through the wood chipper, the forest mulch can be left on site at no charge to you or we are more than happy to take it away.  The choice is all yours! If you want the mulch it’s yours for free, or we can cart it away without a trace. 

Fire Wood

Some Customers prefer us to turn their trees into fire wood, this will save you money through winter.