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DSC 1191Stump Grinding

After a tree is removed, stump grinding is a service that we offer to remove the tree stump in order to allow a garden bed to be replanted or so that the area can be landscaped. TreeBiz Tree Services can provide tree stump grinding for large tree stumps as well as small tree stumps. We specialise in hard to access areas.

Many Arborists usually provide tree removal services to the ground level only. That is why we offer a stump grinding service, because TreeBiz Tree Services offers a full tree service. You can be assured that with our experience and knowledge that you’re in the best of hands when you choose TreeBiz Tree Services for your stump grinding.

Why Remove that Stump?

Stumps can take years to decay naturally. The stumps are not only unsightly, but have the potential to be trip hazards or damage vehicles depending on their location and how low they are cut to the ground. In addition being potential safety hazards, they also can cause dangerous root rot diseases such as honey fungus that can affect the surrounding vegetation in your garden. Root rot is a cause of why many trees look unhealthy, and eventually die.

Stump Poisoning

If the stump is in an extremely awkward position or too close to structures or important services (i.e. Gas and water) it may not be possible to grind it out without damaging any infrastructure. In this case the stump often has to remain and is subsequently cut to just above ground and poisoned to prevent any re-growth. In many cases the extra cost of grinding or the fact that the stump is not aesthetically displeasing to the client can also mean that the stump is just left and poisoned as well.